Gust x zamp

Demystifying the Sales Tax Nexus

Live Event with Gust & Zamp Tuesday April 16th, 2024 @ 3pm - 4PM Eastern

Which is better for your business - a Tax Software or Managed Solution?

You’re selling on multiple channels; you sell all over the country; you have products and services that are taxed differently in each state; and you need to file the sales tax liability collected based on a schedule each state provides you. How could anyone do this manually or even want to attempt to? 

Due to the complexity and ever changing nature of sales tax, set-it-and-forget-it is not an option with just a tax software. Is there a path to a fully hands off, sales tax nirvana?

On Tuesday, April 16th, we will be hosting a live webinar with the team at Zamp to answer this, and many more questions about the Sales Tax Nexus. Learn how the team leverages all the benefits of technology while also leveraging the expertise of people and built in processes for providing the right solution for long-term success. 

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